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Free SMS to Pakistan

Welcome to Here you can send free sms to Pakistan, in unlimited quantity, to all networks. To send free sms to Pakistan, use the following link (you may have to log in first)

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SMS Message Templates

Please choose a message category to view messages.

1 Abbreviation SMS
58 Inspirational SMS
2 Advice SMS
59 Insult SMS
3 Aids Day SMS
60 Islamic SMS
4 Angry SMS
61 Kids SMS
5 Animal SMS
62 Kiss SMS
6 Anniversary SMS
63 Love SMS
7 April Fool SMS
64 Malayalam SMS
65 Miss You SMS
9 Away SMS
66 Mothers Day SMS
10 Basant SMS
67 Munna Bhai SMS
11 Best Wishes SMS
68 Naughty SMS
12 Bewafa SMS
69 Navratri SMS
13 Birthday SMS
70 New Year SMS
14 Bless SMS
71 Old Man SMS
15 Boss SMS
72 One Line SMS
16 Boys Vs Girls SMS
73 Pathan SMS
17 Break Up SMS
74 Police SMS
18 Broken Dosti SMS
75 Politics SMS
19 Broken Heart SMS
76 Pray / Dua SMS
20 Brothers SMS
77 Promotion SMS
21 Celebrities SMS
78 Punjabi SMS
22 Christmas SMS
79 Pushto SMS
23 Close Matter SMS
80 Puzzle / QA SMS
24 Comparison SMS
81 Quotations SMS
25 Computer SMS
82 Rainy Day / Barish SMS
26 Condolence SMS
83 Rakhi SMS
27 Cool SMS
84 Ramadan SMS
28 Cute SMS
85 Relationship SMS
29 Daring SMS
86 Remix SMS
30 Decent SMS
87 Romantic SMS
31 Diwali SMS
88 Sad SMS
32 Double Meaning SMS
89 Santa Banta SMS
33 Dream SMS
90 Sardar SMS
34 Easter SMS
91 Selfish SMS
35 Eid Mubarak SMS
92 Send SMS
36 Emotional SMS
93 Sheikh SMS
37 Encouragement SMS
94 Sisters SMS
38 Engagement SMS
95 Smile SMS
39 Exam SMS
96 Sorry SMS
40 Fathers Day SMS
97 Spring SMS
41 Forget SMS
98 Student SMS
42 Friendship SMS
99 Summer SMS
43 Funny SMS
100 Sweet Heart SMS
44 Get Well Soon SMS
101 Tamil SMS
45 Ghazal SMS
102 Teachers Day SMS
46 Good Luck SMS
103 Tears SMS
47 Good Morning SMS
104 Thank You SMS
48 Good Night SMS
105 Thanksgiving SMS
49 Halloween SMS
106 Thinking of You SMS
50 Hello SMS
107 Tongue Twister SMS
51 Hindi Urdu SMS
108 Valentine Day SMS
52 Holi SMS
109 War SMS
53 Hug SMS
110 Wedding SMS
54 Impressive SMS
111 Wife & Husband SMS
55 Independence Day SMS
112 Winter SMS
56 Indian Women SMS
113 Wisdom SMS
57 Information SMS
114 Word Play SMS



Send Free SMS To Pakistan

Last Updated on August 6th, 2008

Some Features of Our Text Gateway

1- Send SMS Anywhere in the Pakistan For No Cost. When you Signup, you will get up to 100 SMS in Your Account. And we will update your account every week for SMS Credits at no Cost, So your Account Balance Never Ends. You may Purchase SMS Bundle for Bulk SMS Sending through our selected Payment Options**. So this service become Virtually Unlimited Free Text Messaging for Life. Currently Supporting SMS to Pakistan.

2- You Can Not only Send Text Messages, But you Can Receive Messages As well, so if you send Text to Your Friend's Mobile Number, He/She Can reply on the same number. And you will see reply in our Website Inbox under your account, Your Email, and Directly to your Mobile Number*.

3- Only Paid Users are Able to Send Bulk SMS, Can use SMS Messenger, Can Integrate Our Text Service Gateway to Their own Website/Software Solution. Can Receive Replies Directly on their E-mail and Mobile Number, Can send Masked SMS. We Offer the Lowest Rates Text Service. Rest of the Services are open for Both Free and Paid Users. That includes Sending Text, Receiving Replies, Adding Contacts, Adding Groups, Joining Mobile Friendship Community, setting alerts, etc.

6- You Can also Schedule Text for a later delivery date and time. Best practice for alerts, e.g birthday, marriage, exams, etc.

7- You can also send Masked Text Messages, Long Text Messages, or Flash Text. Masked SMS will be Sent By any Name rather than Numbers, and Flash SMS is a kind of Text that appears directly on mobile screen. You can send up to 1200 characters in One Text Message***.

* Reply to Mobile Will Charge your Club4SMS Account as Normal Text Message.
** Contact US For details.
*** Every 150 Characters Text Message Will charge as One Text Message Credit.


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